A Life Coach – Do You Need One?

Is your dream about achieving a financial freedom? Is it about finding a partner for a lasting, harmonious relationship? Is it about finding your life’s purpose, or about seeing the world? Have you forgotten a dream about a job that would bring not only money but also a sense of fulfillment? Have you scrapped the one about the house in which you would love living, with the large island in the middle of the kitchen and with the sun room facing west? What happened to the one about writing a book of childhood memories?

As a life coach uk london, one of my biggest responsibilities is to ensure that I give constant and consistent positive feedback and encouragement to my clients. Why? Because not only do I know that it always makes a huge difference, but also because I know that most people don’t hear enough of this positive feedback and encouragement from others. In a way, that saddens me. Encouraging others is something that is so easy to do, it takes so little time and energy, and it makes such a big difference in other’s lives as well as our own.

“We work with people to help them align their passion and determine what their purpose is in life; because it all comes back to life coaching,” she explained.

Become a virtual assistant. This is a relatively new concept, but it is growing year on year. A virtual assistant is a bit like a personal assistant but online. You could brand yourself as the ultimate home help – able to make phone calls, schedule appointments, book the car in for a service…anything and everything to make home life easier and run more smoothly for your clients. Alternatively you could take on a more corporate role and offer a range of business services like diary management and market research.

Most of the top coaches that I know see their clients as capable, competent and whole. They may — from time to time — offer advice, but more often they trust you to have the answers inside of you. Their role is to guide you to finding those answers.

There is nothing wrong with the dream itself. It certainly is not unrealistic. Many, many people have done it in the past and many more will continue to do it in the future. Some will be able to due to a lucky win. Some through inheritance. But the vast majority will do it by going self employed. And that is the risk. That is what is probably really putting you off. The risk.

Life coaches deal with different situations. And they deal with people in different locations. Having a website can allow you to widen your network, gain more revenue, and help more people in the process.

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A Life Coach – Do You Need One?

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