Eat Healthy And Save Money With Food Storage Containers

The kitchen is an important space in your home. Keeping it clean and organized can often be a daunting task without an organization plan in place. Here are a few tips and tricks to creating the organization plan that works best for you and your family.

Reap the benefits of discounts on meat and fish, and freeze ahead for the month. Wrap the pieces individually and tightly in plastic wrap, then bundle them in batches by meal in freezer bags or aluminum foil. Label each and every together with the contents and date. For safety’s sake, usually thaw these within the refrigerator, in no way on the counter.

Initially, little thought was given by us to joining a wholesale club, but a mailing received in our home from BJ’s caught our attention. We knew that Sam’s Club was also located in our town, while the closest Costco was in Durham — a thirty minute trek. Thus, our consideration to join would have only been between BJ’s and Sam’s Club. So, what was the deciding factor? Two free months of introductory membership! Yes, we “fell” for it.

Weevils can be kept away from Blankenship Dry Goods by bay leaves. Keep dried bay leaves in beans or any other grain (or pulse) used for savoury dishes – it won’t matter if the flavour of the bay leaves gets into them.

I’ve also employed a dish rack as a plastic lid organizer. Wow, did that help! I got so tired of going through the cupboards and drawers just to find the right lid that fits the correct container. I made room for that under the counter that I keep my other plastic ware in. It just excites me to know that I’ve finally got that darn mess organized. Thing best part about the dish rack, is it’s size. It will hold a lot more lids than my drawer or cupboard could without it.

How often have you watched an HGTV house shopping show where the prospective home buyer, be it young couple or single person, admits that the quality and size of the kitchen is of little importance because they eat the majority of their meals at restaurants, or order take out when they are forced to eat at home.

When I first lived on my own, I made the mistake of shoving all of my coupons in an envelope and carting the whole envelope to the store and back. This meant I had to shuffle through the whole lot to find what I need. When you keep the coupons is a special place in your home, they are a lot easier to manage.

Remember, kitchen organization is all about putting “function” back into this work space and streamlining the organization to suit your functional tasks. Making using your kitchen convenient, efficient, and even relaxing.

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Eat Healthy And Save Money With Food Storage Containers

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