Ipod Touch Alternatives – The Archos 7 Internet Media Tablet (160Gb)

The Coby MP826 is a video/mp3 player. It is equipped with a 2.8-inch touchscreen LCD. You can find this model for an average price of $60. Keep reading to learn about some of the features that it offers.

The Persu Hybrid is a very interesting vehicle which is being developed by Persu Mobility. You may have heard of this car when it was being developed under its previous name, the VentureOne. This vehicle looks like a car until you scrutinize it more carefully. Then you’ll notice that it only has three wheels. As such, it is officially classified as a 3-wheel motorcycle. This plug-in hybrid vehicle is capable of making 45 degree turns, and it is scheduled for an exclusive California release in late 2010.

Also coming from Hyundai are electric vehicles and more hybrids (featuring the world-first use of a lithium polymer battery). The Sonata Hybrid can be driven in zero emissions, fully electric drive mode at speeds up to 62 miles per hour or in blended gas-electric mode at any speed. When the car comes to a stop and the electrical load is low, the engine is shut down to completely eliminate idle fuel consumption and emissions.

For media, there’s 4GB of internal storage, with 3GB free for user programs and media files, plus a side-mounted SD card slot. A standard-size 3.5mm headphone jack lets you plug in standard headphones. There’s also a microphone input, Bluetooth, and a webcam. The Webcam works with the built-in camcorder, and Bluetooth lets you use wireless stereo earbuds, but that’s it; Entourage is working on additional features for the future. The lithium-polymer battery is good for up to six hours running the LCD screen. Even when fully charged and used partially in standby mode, the battery managed to drain almost completely by the end of the day.

If you have an iPhone and have seen all of the apps and experienced the touch screen technology and played music and games you might struggle to find the right use for the iPad. However, I feel this is just the beginning. It can only get better, new releases will come and functionality will improve, though I doubt if the Apple iPad will get any cheaper.

The micro SDHC slot lets you exchange in storage area cards with even more information. The Android 2.1 tablet has a LiPo battery manufacturer that can provide up to 7 hours of video or 42 hours of audio on a single charge.

HTC Touch phone sports an integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and a 2-megapixel camera. Although it has been noticed that there is few seconds shutter lag per shot but it can be changed using the camera settings. The speaker of the phone is a bit disturbing as it does not cut down the background noise, otherwise the sound quality and call volume are quite good. For messaging the keyboard which appears on the screen of HTC Touch is too small and at times it takes a lot of time to type a message. Although it also has features which help with full words if you just select a letter. Those who are used to a keypad on the phone will take some time to adjust to the change, though it won’t take them long.

The tablet includes a selection of pre-installed applications that are ready for use right out of the box. Additionally, you can also download your favorite apps. There are 1000’s of apps attainable in the Android Market. You can even access a large selection of zero cost as well as purchasable applications right from the Android Market. These programs are already sorted by genre, ratings and date to help you get the one that you prefer. The Android 2.1 tablet is the perfect gadget, with options for your whole entire family’s day-to-day needs. You can get swift access to the hottest reports.

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Ipod Touch Alternatives – The Archos 7 Internet Media Tablet (160Gb)

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