Spit-Ups: Baby Problem Or Laundry Problem?

A Fisher Price baby monitor is a great way to look after your baby after you put them down. Many parents are worried about what monitor to buy and what sorts of features to be aware of. The following article will help you learn what you need to look for in a good Fisher Price baby monitor.

Although the Motorola MBP36 and MBP28 have many similar features, they are actually like chalk and cheese. The MBP36 is more for “fixed” use, meaning that the parent unit is quite bulky to carry around so you are more likely to put it on a bench near you. It doesn’t come with a belt clip. The smaller MBP28 however, has a more portable parent unit which comes with a belt clip, so you can carry it around the house with you.

The reason we ended up buying the Fisher Price dxr-8 baby monitor from infant optics in the first place was the fact it came with a dual receiver set. This is important because I usually get out of bed before my wife does and it allows me to turn off the receiver in the bedroom and turn on the one in the living room so I can hear the baby and she can sleep in. Most sets come like that now. But, at the time we purchased it, that wasn’t the case.

The smaller MBP28 does not come with this advanced wireless technology, but uses 1.8Ghz DECT technology which is a little older. You are not guaranteed as strong or reliable a signal compared to the MBP36. Nevertheless you have 10 channels to select from for the best transmission quality. Consumers have reported that the video quality is quite poor – particularly the infrared night vision.

However when you’ll need your sleep, what do you do? If baby is actually a light-weight sleeper, you run the danger of making too significantly noise acquiring into bed, and when you take place to snore, you’ll very easily wake her up. While that happens the crying and screaming begins again.

For convenient placement, the hand-held unit can be placed on the included flip stand. There’s also a belt clip on the back of the unit. Like the LCD monitor, you can connect this unit to a larger TV using the AV output.

A Fisher Price baby monitor is the ideal way to take care of your baby after you put them down. From reading this article you should now know what features and benefits you need to make an educated choice.

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Spit-Ups: Baby Problem Or Laundry Problem?

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