Ufc 119 Recap: Mir Ko’s Cro Cop, Lytle And Serra Excite, Canadians Go 1

With the win, Jones could have easily earned a superfight against Anderson Silva. However, there’s a chance he could take on Alexander Gustafsson next.

Sonnen says he was impressed by Jones’ wwe supercard credits skills at UFC 159. Jones easily took Sonnen to the mat, something that hasn’t happened much during the latter’s career.

Rumors of wwe wanting Vickie to do house shows is said to be the cause of her departure. Whether it is the schedule or her genuine desire for parenting, at least WWE sent her out with a bang.

The rest of the RAW roster is just fine. Jeff Hardy has returned and promptly regained his spot as one of the most popular superstars in the brand. His high risk style provides the action that the fans of today crave. Plus he gets the teeny-bopper pop. Johnny Nitro is coming along, he has a great look, albeit a metro sexual one. Umaga is working fine as the monster heel, his feud with Cena should be enough to solidify him as an upper tier superstar.

In other WWE news, legendary wrestler Harley Race will be appearing at a WWE live event in August. Former, WWE tag champion Typhoon will making a rare indy appearance this weekend and The Rock begins filming the G.I. Joe movie next month in New Orleans. The Rock will be playing Road Block in the film.

Every year, the Olympics were held on the second full moon after the summer solstice. This would have put them in July or August of each year. The games lasted for roughly five days. A truce was declared for the up to three months prior to the games so contestants could heal from battles and prepare themselves.

In Brazilian jiu jitsu it is common to roll with injuries. When this is the case it is best to set any guidelines before you begin. This way the session will flow better and there is less chance that someone will have to stop abruptly to tell their sparring partner that a particular technique or limb is off limits that day.

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Ufc 119 Recap: Mir Ko’s Cro Cop, Lytle And Serra Excite, Canadians Go 1

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